A fast paced matching game that will challenge your eye-to-finger coordination to the edge of madness! A simple mash-up of a brick game and match rhythm game.

Proud we did it in 14 weeks!

Go Dasher! (being nurtured)

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Dasher is a fun and playful dog. He and his friends loves to run and jump! But sometimes, they get into trouble. Oh no! Dasher decided to run in the middle of the street!paper tissue

Can you help Dasher and his friends avoid trouble in the city?

Zeroing (published)

Nine squares, twenty four digits, one goal: Zero! It's math and memory skills, it’s endless, it’s challenging, it’s shareable, it’s competitive and it’s free. Click here to learn more.

How many win streak can you get?

Andromeda Strike (being nurtured)

Calling all space fighters! Aliens have invaded Andromeda galaxy! Join our hero on his quest to find a lost artifact that could tip the tides of war for Andromeda.

Please standby to receive sector worm hole location...

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Nine squares, twenty four digits, one goal: Zero!


Zeroing is a challenging puzzle game
that will sharpen your math and memory skills.
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