Starting a World Map Tile Set

Raise you hand if you’re a 90’s kid playing video games! Don’t be shy… You’re not alone! We’re always gona be young (at heart) 😊

If you’re like me, who started the computer nerd adventure at a young age, you would have definitely played King’s Bounty and Dune 2 (or at least heard about them). Two of my favorite classic computer games! And I was playing them in monochrome monitors… Dang!

King’s Bounty (MS-DOS 1990)

I spent sleepless nights playing King’s Bounty! Though the goal was to retrieve the king’s scepter, I always try to build / recruit the most powerful army so no one could stand in my way (Vampires are the most powerful not the Dragons 😂)

Dune 2 (MS-DOS 1992)

When Dune 2 came out, it already had movie cut scenes (the PC always asked for the floppy disk that holds the movie hahaha). You can already see the art improvements. Just look at the details of the sandworm!

These are some of the games that got me hooked into pixel art.

With the games I want to create, I’m making a world map tile set or at least the template for the tile set which I can reuse for different game genres.

Been reading pixel art tutorials and sample art work from various pixel artists and I hope I’ve already improved on my craft.

Here’ a sample tile set I’ve been working on the past months.

World Map (Summer) Tile set

It’s the first draft and I also want to create different versions per season. I’m also working on the vegetation, roads, landscape and buildings. I’ve also created a dedicated page in the website for this Tile Map project.

So what do you think?

Thanks for reading my (short) article. Until my next blog.

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