Mono to 64

Monochromatic to 64 palette

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone is doing well during these rough times… Let’s keep up the good work team NZ as we prepare for another lockdown!

For me, I haven’t done any pixel art for a couple of days now, got hooked with Black Clover anime! 🤣

So I decided to update the website theme and website image banner today to showcase a more vibrant pixel art game look for the website.

I finished a couple of green monochromatic pixel art tiles last week and decided to convert theme into their equivalent 64 palette and include theme in the website banner.

It was a bit easy to convert them since the objects doesn’t have that many color combination.

The image banner still needs more stuff so I’ll definitely add more to it (watch out for it). Will also update the social media banners in the coming days.

That’s it! Short and simple!

Thanks for reading and stay safe everyone!