Welcome Dyethrow PIXEL!

I’m happy to announce that Candy Cabinets is collaborating with an amazing and talented pixel artist ~ Dyethrow PIXEL! (woot! woot!) 🥳

As you know, Candy Cabinets transitioned and committed itself to making its first PC game in Steam. So far, we’ve done much of phase 1 prototyping and we’re raring to build the first game scene.

In between doing blogs, vlogs, designing and coding, I was personally on the hunt for a pixel artist, who can help with the game’s artwork. Yep, I’m no Eric Barone who had the time and artistic effort to create Stardew Valley 😜

So I’ve been following Dyethrow for months now and was captivated by his pixel artwork.

I asked him if he was free to create an artwork for our game… But… He turned me down 😢

He did gave me a counter offer. He didn’t want to work on a single artwork, instead, he wanted to collaborate with us to do all the artwork for our game! Wuhooo! 🤩

We’re stoked to have him on-board and we can’t wait for you to see the pixel art world that he will help create for you to enjoy!

That’s it for now.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe! Always have fun!