It’s now called “Mahika”

After a few days of research, we decided to change Sage Chronicles to Mahika!

New name and first game scene

Sage Chronicles is a great game title, but we wanted a shorter name and now it’s called “Mahika“.

Mahika in Māori means practice, but in Filipino or Tagalog it means magic. It still retained the Sage (magical) aspect and you’ll probably need to practice lots of mouse and keyboard movements once we finish this game 😂

We also finished the first game scene, admittedly with a little cheat, since we based the game scene from a template hahaha. Don’t worry! We will use our own game assets so hope you all be patient. Pixel art is no joke! 😱

Our game description in Steam is now in review with the new name. Hoping everything is in order.

That’s it for now.

Thanks for reading and watching the demo vlog.

Stay safe! Always have fun!

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