New props and Enemy Spawner

Another week has gone by like a breeze! 😱

Mahika Vlog 6

Dyethrow was all out doing pixel art stuff for the game. He added new props like our own dungeon chest, dungeon torch and destructible clay pot. He’s currently designing the background environment and game UI.

At my end, I was suppose to prep the environment scene but opted to improve our hero’s Level Up logic. I was experimenting on a level up formula that I can implement and I finally got a good formula that I like 😊

And since the level up event is now working, I was excited to try it out by killing enemy slimes! bwahahaha! 😈

The game template I’ve been using has this awesome enemy template prefab that I can pull into my scene and copy over and arrange so the enemies are already lying in wait for our hero.

But what if I want enemies to spawn into my scene when I trigger a trap? Or maybe spawn enemies randomly from a set of spawn points when the hero enters a room?

Unfortunately, the template only have a simple auto-spawner so I had to create my own customisable enemy spawner.

With the new enemy spawner, I can setup a room that will spawn tons of enemies to create an action pack scene! I can spawn random enemies from a set object pool or randomly spawn enemies from a set of spawn points. I can even use it to spawn minions of an enemy boss 😍

Happy that I finished two component this week and hoping to get more done next week!

Thanks for reading and watching the vlog.

Stay safe! Have fun! See you on the next blog/vlog.