LvlUp FX, Inventory and Loot

The weeks came by so fast!

Mahika Vlog 8

This week, been working on improving the game feedback when leveling up. Sounds and effects still need some polishing up but it will do for now.

Then I enabled the game inventory and did some quick panel alignments so it looks fit on the screen. Dyethrow still working on the UI but he did gave me a preview of the environment and new enemies we will use. They look awesome!

Hope you follow him on his Facebook account ~ Dyethrow Pixel, he does time lapse pixel artwork and we gave him the go ahead to showcase Mahika game assets.

Lastly, I added a loot system for destructible game props like the clay jars. Loot will randomly drop when the prop is destroyed.

That’s it. Hope you watch the YouTube demo to see it in action. 😊

Stay safe! Have fun! See you all on the next blog/vlog.