Ready for the 2022 Holiday!

It was a slow 2 weeks for us! Social gatherings, finishing up day job projects and trying to keep a focused effort working on Mahika 🥴

At-the-moment, we are reorganizing the Mahika Unity3D project and cleaning up component clutter. The months of brainstorming have added unnecessary stuff to the build waah!

On the visual side, Dyethrow’s been busy designing the UI and before we go on a holiday break, he’s shared one of his designs with us 🤩

What do you think? Does it capture the magic?

I personally love it! A few animation pizzazz and it’s perfect (in my opinion) for our Main Screen 😊

Hope you all have a great Holiday! ~ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Stay safe. Always have fun.

Catch up with you all in 2023!