Mahika : Prologue

A pixel art styled top down RPG magic adventure game with roguelike elements and a sprinkle of mystery!

Sir Roderic Roalon, an esteemed Knight from the Ostal Kingdom has 3 sons. The 2nd son fell ill to an unknown disease days before his wedding. They tried all known medicine or magic to cure the lad but none worked so far.

Sir Roderic is desperate to cure his son but afraid that one of his siblings may be involved.

He disowned his 1st son for collaborating with the Lekhodia Empire, their rival nation, and now serving house arrest.

While the third son despises his 2nd brother for stealing the heart of his beloved Lady Lumiona.

Can you help cure the mystery illness before internal strife destroys house Roalon?

Mystery at Roalon Manor is just one of the stories in the Mahika saga!

It’s scheduled for Early Access release on Steam next year.

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Will be released on Steam for FREE! 😉