Nine squares. Twenty four numbers. One goal… Zero!

Zeroing is a timed arithmetic puzzle game inspired by my previous game Tupulz!

You are given five to eight numbers placed in an arithmetic sequence on the nine squared game board. You must solve this sequence before time expires. The arithmetic sequence must result in zero to win the game 😊

This game took me to the next level of mobile game development as it gave me the opportunity to learn monetization strategies from AdTiming and release a mobile game in the Apple Store.

It was also a challenge to develop as I was creating my own number matrix and making sure you can redo moves on the board!

But my long nights of coding paid off and it got more than 1K downloads! Yey! 🎊

You can learn more about the game and it’s game play here.

You can play the game for free! Download it at the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Check it out!