A new character by Dyethrow!

As an indie game dev, it’s always exciting to see new artwork! It energizes you and makes you want to perform better to achieve your goal!

It’s amazing how a small pixel art character, created in just days, can pump you up and finish the needed work.

I think I had the flu the past days, and I can still feel the aftermath. Head still aching every now and then, lungs feel like it still has fluids it needs to expel, and I feel tired and LAAAZYYYY…. (NOTE: antigen test still negative)

But whenever I see Dyethrow’s artwork, I feel energized! I tell myself, “I don’t want to waste any time because this kid is amazingly good!

I won’t be coding for a few days… We’re going on a 2-day trip over this weekend. But I’m happy I got to finish the animations for our new character.

I’m sure I’m gona be pumped up again next week when I get my hands on new artwork!

Stay safe! Always have fun!

Thanks for watching/reading.